How I Defeated The Pain of Costochondritis

You have costochondritis

Lots of people have costochondritis. More women suffer from costo than men. 70% vs 30%. I am one of those afflicted people. I have costochondritis. Chronic costochondritis. I’ve had it for years.

Recently, I discovered an instant remedy for my costochondritis pain. Yes, a remedy that worked and stopped the pain almost instantly. A FREE remedy!

Hi! My name is Andrew. I am a self-help author (22 books) and a blogger. I am not a doctor or a medical professional. I am a patient. The following is my own personal experience and shall not be construed as rendering medical advice or treatment.

Learn how I defeated my costo chest pain
Learn how I defeated my costo chest pain - fast. And free!

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Let me give you some background. Once upon a time, suddenly, for no reason, I got a sudden extreme pain in my chest. Originally, the first time, it was scary. Very scary. I thought I was having a heart attack. I knew what a heart attack was and I KNEW I was having one. I went to the ER, and prepared to die. The ER Admissions staff took me in immediately, ran some tests and did a quick x-ray. The ER doctor evaluated the tests and told me it wasn’t a heart attack, it was costochondritis. “What,” I said. “Costco Condritis? What is THAT?” The doctor explained that it was inflammation of the cartilage in my chest, in the rib cage, where the ribs were attached to my sternum. He explained that it was not life threatening. “Really,” I exclaimed. “Not life threatening? It feels like a big fat heart attack!” “Yes,” the doctor admitted, “it can be very painful and often does resemble a heart attack.” “Will it stop?” I asked. “WHEN will it stop? Is there a treatment? What do I do???” The doctor said I could try anti-inflammatory meds, maybe some heat and plenty of rest. “That’s pretty vague,” I said. “What triggers costochondritis?” “We don’t exactly know for sure,” he said. “Great,” I responded, “so this can happen again? Any time? Anywhere? How long does it last?” The doctor said, “Yes, it can happen any time and it can last for days. And you could have these attacks for the rest of your life.” “Terrific”, I muttered. “Just what I need, a weird painful sudden affliction that resembles a heart attack.”

The sudden severe chest pain occurred several more times over the next several months. Each time, to make sure it was not a heart attack, I went to my local hospital ER. I became a “regular” visitor and the staff knew me on sight. Thankfully, I was always diagnosed with costo, not a heart attack. As medical professionals urge: if you have undiagnosed chest pain, always have it checked out by a doctor immediately!

Since then, every few weeks, I get a sudden moderate or severe chest pain. My first thought is always, “OMG, is a heart attack? Or only costochondritis?” Now, having lots of experience, I can generally tell when it’s costochondritis. I “self-test”. When I get a left-side or right-side chest pain, I do the "test". If it’s costo, I can find the inflammation area by pressing and poking around in the chest area, until I find the painful spot. OUCH! Yes, it hurts. That’s how I know it’s costochondritis. And, for me, costochondritis happens on either side of my chest, sometimes the right side, sometimes on the left. Never in the middle. A costo attack can happen to me any time, and anywhere. When it happens, it stops me in my tracks and I often grab my chest, scaring the heck out of people I happen to be with. I have to assure them (and myself) that it’s not a heart attack, and I poke around until I discover the “spot” and realize it’s “only” costochondritis, painful inflammation of my chest cartilage. And then I can usually tolerate the pain and can function reasonably well until it stops. Or, if I’m at home, I lay down and take a nap.

How I defeat costochondritis

For years, I coped with costochondritis. Until now. Now, I defeat costo. When a flare up occurs (and it still does, because my costo is chronic) I have discovered an effective, free way to stop the pain. Fast!

I discovered the technique quite by accident. The technique was derived from doing something to reduce the pain of my newly diagnosed arthritis. I used an offshoot of the arthritis remedy for costo relief. It worked! The costo technique worked for me. Immediately. My costo pain disappeared! And this technique does not involve any medications, there's no injections, no food or liquid, no vitamins, minerals, creams, ointments, heating pads or any equipment or anything external. It’s 100% natural. It’s a technique, not a drug or device. And it’s free to do! And, I can do it anywhere, at any time. Can anybody do it? Nearly everyone may be able to do it. You’ll need to be able to stand up, and be able to use both arms.

I’m an old guy, with arthritis and lots of other ailments, and this technique is easy for me to do - and it doesn’t hurt me! When I discovered it, the technique took me only seconds, didn’t cause me any discomfort, and magically stopped my costo pain almost instantly! I was amazed.

The amazing technique works for me. Will it work for you? I don’t know, and for legal reasons, I am not recommending it's use (even if it works). I will only share my own personal experience with the technique. In fact, the day I was writing this, I had 2 costo attacks -- flare-ups -- in the morning and again in the evening. I used the technique both times, and stopped the pain each time - in seconds!

Yes, I still have costochondritis but I found a way to instantly stop the pain!

And, when I showed the technique to my cardiologist, he readily agreed that, yes, it could definitely quickly stop the pain, acknowledging the immediate effect on something he called "the costochondral junction".

Do YOU suffer from costochondritis?

According to medical professionals, more women suffer from costo than men. 70% vs 30%. Ladies, you have my sympathies.

Have you tried various remedies, lots of remedies, remedies that did not immediately give you relief or stop the pain or had horrible side effects?

Do you wish there was something that could stop the costo chest pain? Something that is convenient, easy to do, doesn’t involve medications and doesn’t require you to use anything you don’t already have? A simple technique that you can quickly do, at no cost, wherever you are, whenever the pain of costochondritis strikes? Yes?

OK, then. As a chronic costochondritis sufferer, I found a way to defeat my own costo. I will share the technique and how I use it, and you will learn and see exactly what the technique is: the quick easy technique that works for me, that helped me conquer the pain, fear and discomfort of costochondritis. And, in return for sharing it, I only ask for a very small fee donation, to cover my costs of publishing this amazing free fast technique and to bring my experience to the attention of costo sufferers worldwide. For a one-time fee donation of $3, via paypal, you will have complete and instant information (and pictures) about the quick natural painless technique that stops my costochondritis pain. Sorry, but for legal and medical reasons, I cannot guarantee that it will stop your costo pain or anyone else's, but there is only a small one-time fee donation required to see and learn the simple technique, and there is no sign up, no mailing list, and I don’t sell your info to ANYBODY.

The technique is

• Free to do (no cost, no drugs, no shots, no vitamins, no food, no liquids, et al)
• Quick (takes only a few seconds)
• Convenient (can be done nearly anywhere)

Want to know the simple, easy-to-do natural technique that helps me instantly defeat the pain of costochondritis? If the answer is Yes, to make the small fee donation and see the actual technique, click the paypal button below

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No more costo pain for ME!

How about YOU?

Full disclosure
Note: After you see the technique and learn how I do it, I can't stop you from using it on your own. However, to be safe, consult with your doctor first.

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See the simple technique that stops my costo chest pain - fast!

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